Detention With The Bad Boy

Detention With The Bad Boy

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Molly By WriterGirlx Updated Jun 12, 2017

Nora Dawson has always lived next door to Kade Stone and she watched from the sidelines as his whole attitude and persona changed. When his dad left at 14 is when he started to change, coming home late, getting into the wrong crowd, smoking etc. When he got arrested and thrown into juvey at 16 meant when he returned Junior year worse, his right arm smothered in tattoos, long scruffy hair and pushing everyone away. 

Nora wasn't the only one watching from the sidelines, Kade had always had a soft spot for his nerdy shy next door neighbour but she didn't always have walls built around her so high, it wasn't until they were in middle school and her parents died in a car accident. Her aunt Julia moved into the house and got sole custody of her and since then Kade wasn't the only one who began pushing people away. 

Now in Senior year these two are thrown together for a weeks worth of detention after an accident in school can they finally realise that maybe all they need to save themselves is each other.

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03Risha15 03Risha15 Aug 21, 2017
I think if she wanted to get an F in her homework then maybe then she would have asked you for help😂
lillisoccer1213 lillisoccer1213 Jul 06, 2017
Just a quick tip (if that's what that is) "colours" spelled in America is actually spelled "colors" 😂
halag2468 halag2468 Jun 12, 2016
I'm already loving this book pleeeassseee upload more😍😍
itookaplanblastnight itookaplanblastnight Aug 24, 2016
Queen_Beat Queen_Beat Apr 19, 2016
I'd a been like "you did not just shush me you fücking dildo! Imma beat yo āss!" And yes I just said dildo. Trust me, it's actually really insulting.
DamiAdebayo9 DamiAdebayo9 Jun 09, 2016
wait why did she get detention.....
                              i would be so fcking pissed