Love & Recovery [EMINEM FANFIC]

Love & Recovery [EMINEM FANFIC]

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•the watcher• By reignofshady Updated Jan 29, 2017

Marshall was a wreck after DeShaun's death. Dealing with his depression by eating, drinking, and using. After he overdoses in December 2007, he starts a gruelling self-detox, in the hopes of finally getting clean. Because of mistreating his body, he has gained a tremendous amount of weight. He is looking for a person who can motivate him and help shed the pounds.

Essence Turner, a personal trainer from Sterling Heights, goes to an ice skating rink with her best friend Kaira. There, they run into Nate, his girlfriend Liz, Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney. 

After a lot of thought and convincing from Nate, Marshall decides to hire Essence as his trainer. She gradually helps him regain his confidence and self-esteem.

So will love blossom, or will their relationship remain strictly business?

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slxmshxdy313 slxmshxdy313 Nov 12, 2016
Every time I see that picture up top I think he took that very large step so he wouldn't step on the crack. Maybe it's just me because I do the same exact thing on a daily basis😶
weezyeffbaby weezyeffbaby Jul 26, 2015
Dude, I loved it. I was wondering when you were going to update this lol. It's really good and there were like no mistakes lol.
inactiveuser313 inactiveuser313 Jul 26, 2015
This made me wanna cry tbh. It really put me in perspective of what he was going through. I can't wait until he calls her :)
RobertaBaker RobertaBaker Jul 25, 2015
I'm already in love  that's pretty original and I'm sure it will be great. As much as the others fanfics u write
inactiveuser313 inactiveuser313 Jul 24, 2015
This is so original. I can already tell I'm going to love it :)
- - Jul 24, 2015
Great first chapter, really looking forward to reading the next chapter!