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Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader [UNDER EDITING AND PREFIGURING]

Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader [UNDER EDITING AND PREFIGURING]

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死にかけています By FandomSenpai Completed

~~~~Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader | Shingeki no Kyojin~~~~

"Promise me you will fight, promise me you will stay yourself and don't change."

(y/n) Ackerman is the youngest sibling of the Ackerman's Mikasa and Levi, your parents are part of the Recon Corps, and you wished to fight along side them, your childhood friends and your two siblings wish to come as well, you will all fight along side one another.
But will childhood love get in the way? Or will the damned titans beat someone to it?

theAOTlyfe theAOTlyfe Apr 03
I'm surprised someone hasn't written a hat comment on Petra yet. Geez, they only make her mean in the fanfics. She's nice in the anime.
WAIT DID LEVI CHUCKLE!? WWWHHHAAAAAA----*gets punched by Levi and passes out*
otaku_juuzou otaku_juuzou a day ago
Bruh there is this Dumn ass kid (class clown) in my class named Daniel and now I find out he is my dad 😂😂
llcalumll llcalumll Apr 22
lmao I feel like the only one who actually ships levi with petra
I learned it by myself but I don't even know how to read piano music
theAOTlyfe theAOTlyfe Apr 03
I don't ship Mikasa and Jean, but if I'm being shipped w eren then nvm. I ship eren and mikasa