Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader [UNDER EDITING AND PREFIGURING]

Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader [UNDER EDITING AND PREFIGURING]

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~~~~Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader | Shingeki no Kyojin~~~~

"Promise me you will fight, promise me you will stay yourself and don't change."

(y/n) Ackerman is the youngest sibling of the Ackerman's Mikasa and Levi, your parents are part of the Recon Corps, and you wished to fight along side them, your childhood friends and your two siblings wish to come as well, you will all fight along side one another.
But will childhood love get in the way? Or will the damned titans beat someone to it?

wtfMelissa wtfMelissa Jul 13
Awe Levi don't worry!! I still love you and read the fanfics😁
wtfMelissa wtfMelissa Jul 13
Petra in the show with Levi- yeah okay i guess....
                              Petra in fanfics with Levi- BISH WHO TF YOU THINK YOU ARE?!? LEVI'S MINEEESSSSS NOT YOURS! SO GO BACK TO YOUR TREE HOE!😤😤
Tch. I don't ship Levi with Petra. And now he has to be partners with that strawberry head? I pitty him.
llcalumll llcalumll Apr 22
lmao I feel like the only one who actually ships levi with petra
lKorol lKorol Apr 10
I feel bad for Levi T_T Heichou I didn't mean to leave you behind i I love chu T^T
I knew this was one of the cons if I switch from levixreader to erenxreader...
                              PETRA, GTFO!!!!!!!!!