Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader

Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader

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~~~~Titan Fighter | Eren x Reader | Shingeki no Kyojin~~~~

"Promise me you will fight, promise me you will stay yourself and don't change."

(y/n) Ackerman is the youngest sibling of the Ackerman's Mikasa and Levi, your parents are part of the Recon Corps, and you wished to fight along side them, your childhood friends and your two siblings wish to come as well, you will all fight along side one another.
But will childhood love get in the way? Or will the damned titans beat someone to it?

~{I Love You | Eren x Reader | Shingeki no Kyojin, just new name}~

Lol i can play that XD i learned in my piano lessons tho 😂
project5841 project5841 Nov 07
Levi, I sleep during class, never study, and get A+++++++++++'s. Shut up, and let me sleep ok Levi?
Levi, Mikasa, you're the badaśs god and goddess, just kill da ghost
SuugaBear SuugaBear Feb 29
To the cliff, I go, *jumps out of mikasa's arms and starts running down to the stop sign* WHY MUST YOU MAKE MEH LIFE EVEN WORSE THAN IT IS! JUST GIVE ME JUNK FOOD, AND BLANKETS, AND PILLOWS, INSTEAD OF YELLING AT-- *crashes into the poll of the stop sign*
SuugaBear SuugaBear Feb 29
mien189 mien189 Nov 02
I saw this thing and it was like:
                              I have a dig bick
                              You Read wrong that
                              You read that wrong too
                              Did you read them wrong?  I did