Flawed Creatures

Flawed Creatures

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Megabucks By Megabucks Updated Sep 18

Cara Mackintosh and Ellie Temple were as different as night and day except for having one essential thing in common: loving each other. That love was put to the test when one tumultuous night in 1975 sent the teenage pair on the run from the law.

Rated Mature For:

Strong Language
Explicit Violence/Abuse
Drug Use

I created my first book trailer. If you'd like to check it out here is the link: https://youtu.be/m2aspTxZUDY

OMG, that is f*ucked up, Daisy.
                              And also, great writing as usual. :)
Dembomb12 Dembomb12 Apr 20
HAHAHAHAHAHAH lol if only this story was about these it would be funny but I know the original one will be better
At first I was like 'that's cute…at least the other girl has someone'  BUT NOOOO EW EW EW
PiercingEyes PiercingEyes Sep 22, 2015
And there we go again... an amazing first chapter, pulling you, probably, into another great story. Looking forward to devouring your work again Megabucks!
youdontknowme98 youdontknowme98 Sep 04, 2015
I'm already hooked lol I can tell this book gonna be awesome
midnight_darkens midnight_darkens Aug 31, 2015
Whoa-oh! Wasn't that Scott's girfriend? Okay I might be stating obvious but I guess I am just surprised!