Bullied by the Dolan Twins

Bullied by the Dolan Twins

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•Diphthongdolan• By dizzydolan Updated Mar 16

Hi, my name is Cadence. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I can't wait to get out of this hell hole! I live with my mom that abuses me and my dad that doesn't even talk to me. They say that I should just go and die, maybe they were right. 

In school is just the same. Nothing really changes. I have no friends. I am 15 years old and I weight 91 pounds because my family doesn't feed me even though they have the money to. I don't eat at school because I have no friends to sit by so I just go outside and wait until they dismiss everyone to go to class from lunch.

At school there are these two twins that like to beat me up because they like the attention. There already popular because there famous. All the girls are on them, I  guarantee they are just doing that to get popular. 

I meet somewhere everyday so they can beat me up. They told me if I didn't meet them there something really bad will happen so I just do. I don't care anymore. Why should I?

Dudes she literally said she doesn't think it's true chill out it's just a story 😂
Who doesn't eat at school because they don't have friends to sit by? And then you complain about your parents not feeding you? People these days🙄
qveenjords qveenjords Feb 09
I'm not a blonde but I'm like highly smart, been in gifted all ma life
Mainwoes Mainwoes Feb 26
I stg if you don't shut up I will slap the sh*t outta you ( see what I did there? No? Okay)
Edmund_of_Edinburg Edmund_of_Edinburg Aug 01, 2016
Yep. She's not named after someone who took stereotypical behavior and made it human from one of the most popular kid shows of all time. She's named after a My Little Pony princess who's greatest accomplishment is giving birth. The name matches the character perfectly!
Epithymy Epithymy Feb 25
Not gonna lie, the beginning seemes unoriginal. I've stuff like that so many times before. Seriously. So. Many. Times. Now there comes a time when it's necessary to bring light to bullying and child abuse and stuff like that. But it has become more of a romanticized trend on Wattpad.