Are You Cheating?

Are You Cheating?

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"Let's break up,"

His words pierced through my already fragile and worn-out heart. I knew it would hurt but it would be for the better. It's better to get a breakup than continue suffering each and every day.

"I have no objections to that,"I replied.

"Great. Let's announce it tomorrow,"

"You mean you're already prepared for it?"

"We both knew this would happen sooner or later,"

"You're a jerk,"

"Glad you finally found out,"

"After tomorrow,we're strangers,"

"And if we ever meet,we don't know each other,"

Cover credits: exosthma

zdfgj13 zdfgj13 Mar 12
Park Jimin. Jimin:Yeah? Me:You got no jams. Jimin: CAUGHT IN A LIEEEE~
SweetV_Bts SweetV_Bts Mar 14
Okay... Sure.. I'm not hurt....Yeah..I'm not hurt.. Really..
hana_2ag hana_2ag Nov 26, 2016
lol it's so strange that my name is HANA and Yoongi is my ultimate bias ...this makes it so real
I'm actually rereading this. It's sooooooooooo AWESOME😁😁😁
sushiwonton sushiwonton Aug 31, 2016
Question what is a white collar worker is that someone that works to make white collar shirts or to wear them while working ?
-whalien03 -whalien03 Nov 09, 2016
When you can't imagine Yoongi being 28 because he has too much swag. 😂😂😂