Fruits Basket { Boyfriend Scenarios }

Fruits Basket { Boyfriend Scenarios }

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Zodiac_Cat By Zodiac_Cat Updated Aug 26

This is exactly what the title says. All you readers out there get to date the boys from Fruits Basket. You'll be put threw different scenarios in your relationship. I'm happy to take any requests you would like to give me for this book. Except  I will not write any smut. 

Now the boys who will be in this book are
Akito (Anime Version)

Have fun with your boyfriend, and let the scenarios begin.

Argh, I'm a bunny!! Author-sama you are lucky!! T-T But Momiji is pretty cool, merp..
I'm the year of the dragon and Hatori's my favorite character in Fruits Basket. Coincidence? I think not
This reminds me of princesses peach XD 
                              Any one else no fine
My favorites will always be Akito, Kyo, HOTsuharu. see what I did there? Lol and hari. I'm too lazy to spell it lol
I am an Ox like my favorite HATSUHARU although im a girl so thatbmakes me a cow im also have a bad sense of direction haha
I'm horse and in western I'm aries. It's funny how I was raised with these animals around.