Lamb To The Slaughter|| Destiel

Lamb To The Slaughter|| Destiel

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Princess Kitten♡ By AtomicWeekes Updated Sep 27, 2015

The little lamb panted looking up towards the wolf which towered over him with tearful eyes  “A-Alpha please touch me.”

“Shh little lamb I've got you.”

Wolf!Dean & Lamb!Castiel

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I thought that it was Dean! I was so relieved when it was Lucifer instead
This is the fifth time I'm reading this AND I'M STILL SO SALTY ABOUT MY BABY CASSIE GETTING HURT
lucifer i will Google how to castrate you and it WILL be messy so help me chuck
He's kind of a dïck and a junkie, I'm not quite sure he's father material
sonadora8 sonadora8 Jun 15
Is he an actually lamb or is he a human with the characteristics of a lamb?
- - May 24
Don't completely run away or nothin,  chill behind that tree, they will never be able to find you there.