Lamb To The Slaughter|| Destiel

Lamb To The Slaughter|| Destiel

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Princess Kitten♡ By AtomicWeekes Updated Sep 27, 2015

The little lamb panted looking up towards the wolf which towered over him with tearful eyes  “A-Alpha please touch me.”

“Shh little lamb I've got you.”

Wolf!Dean & Lamb!Castiel

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SuperUnNatural666 SuperUnNatural666 Nov 27, 2017
Brb barfing. Crowley. I love him and all but crowstiel is not and never should be a thing. #nothankyou 👋🏻
FoxyFlower FoxyFlower May 02
If he’s a sheep why is he wearing clothes I’m confuzleded
Oooohhhh this makes things less.... Uncomfortable... to read
                              He's basically a Neko but ya know... A lamb
                              I was getting concerned that he was going to be full blown sheep and I'd have to stop reading because beastiality 😂
segoe3 segoe3 Apr 09
Great. Now I have that image  perminantly scarred into my brain.
cuddel_monster9 cuddel_monster9 Nov 25, 2017
I'm already in love with this fanfic thank you so much for writing this
SuperUnNatural666 SuperUnNatural666 Nov 27, 2017
Is it just me or is anyone else imagining cas as Tumnus from Narnia??