That one girl (Sandlot FF Benny Franklin)

That one girl (Sandlot FF Benny Franklin)

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Alesha 'Strikeout' Woods is that girl who seems to be everywhere at once. 
Though, she is only one place. Her imagination. She doesn't pay attention to the world, just does her thing.
Her travelling family settle in Utah, Salt Lake City, in the small town of Glendale. 

She continues being herself, until, 8 boys find her desperately trying to get better at batting. She has her little brother helping out. 

She catches the eye of Benjamin Franklin 'the jet' Rodriguez.

The boys all laugh quietly, knowing a girl couldn't play.
Until she pitches.

itsAciel itsAciel Aug 10, 2015
what the hell how weird and crazy is that? once I read "5:57 Eh." The local time in where I am was literally 5:57 how crazy is that