Frozen in Time (Haku)

Frozen in Time (Haku)

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Alyssis (AH-LIH-SEES) Catherine Lake is the daughter of a rich widower and inventor. One night, while feeling lonely because she hardly saw her workaholic father, she went to confront him, but instead, she stumbled upon one of his new inventions and eventually into the Naruto world at the mercy of the hidden mists' demon and his deadly weapon. What is she to do?


Thomas Lake and his childhood friend and maid, Anne Ashwood are on an adventure through many anime worlds in search of Thomas' lonely, but headstrong daughter. From searching for the great Earl of Phantomhive as teens, to becoming Otaku's in Akihabara, to becoming the representatives of two new countries, how will they ever find her?

Disclaimer: I don't own any anime mentioned in this book. I only own my characters and my plotline.

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Bowl_Of_Ramen Bowl_Of_Ramen Sep 11, 2015
Wow. Just. Wow. So original! I love it. :3 
                              Definitely looking forward to reading the rest.