Aesthetic Acid | eren x levi |

Aesthetic Acid | eren x levi |

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★彡 By Takeshira Completed

The only future Eren Jaeger could imagine for himself was a future where he would slay all the vampires and find the one who killed his parents, but is he willing to escape the comfort of his army? 

Levi Ackerman, doing illegal blood deals and feeding upon the crimson liquid donated to him, has no other choice but to find someone willing to commit and offer their blood to him as long as they live.

Hidden under the ghastly and unsettling town is another society that no human knows about- but will it be a secret for long?


I do not own snk/aot or any of its characters. The characters are the creations of the wonderful Isayama Hajime

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Funtime-Foxy-Girl Funtime-Foxy-Girl Sep 22, 2017
Oh holy quiznak I like this already XD plz read mine and tell me who to improve my skills XD
- - Apr 18, 2017
Hello I'm 12.  Thanks for saying I shouldn't read this, because it encourages me.  I'm mature.  FITE ME.
                              Does that mean theyll be sparkly af?
                              no offense but the chapter title sounds like I'm playing DOTA rn
encoreeey encoreeey Aug 20, 2017
Getting wet or cold has nothing to do with getting sick 😒 it's the germs you're exposed to.
12 and under?
                              My 11 year old cousin recommended this to me woah what the fu-