Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

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PlanetGreenEye By PlanetGreenEye Updated Mar 20, 2018

Hey you there! 
Yes I'm talking to you!
Come closer and let me tell you a little story.

No one it too old for fairy tales and a bit of magic. I know youre looking at me now and thinking "What is she talking about, magic isnt real!" Well let me tell you something. Love is the biggest magic of all.
And this story is about the love of two girls, a love that can't be accepted. But as always, Love will find its way.....

~ a camren story by PlanetGreenEye

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Hellafresh123 Hellafresh123 Jun 25, 2017
This is kinda like when that Olsen twin fell off the horse in a show (I think it was full house but I'm not sure)
tomorrowUC tomorrowUC Oct 01, 2016
OMG LEGEN.... (wait for it) 
                              (I'm such a mess oml)
                              BUT JEEZ, THIS IS FAB I LOVE YOU
Adri2394 Adri2394 Aug 16, 2018
I just thought of shrek for some reason but i like it 🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽