One in a Million (Solangelo AU)

One in a Million (Solangelo AU)

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chocochic201 By chocochic201 Updated Mar 16, 2016

Nico is dark, mysterious, and alone in the world.  He is considered and outsider so when a new boy moves in next door, he tries his best to stay away, despite the boy's relentless attempts at friendship.  But, of course, Will is just too convincing and Nico lets his guard down.  Nico doesn't want to ruin Will's reputation but he can't fight his growing feelings forever.

Will is sunny, warm, and good natured.  He just moved into a house next to a handsome, brooding artist-to-be.  Will really wants to be friends but the boy seems to be pushing him away.  Will is determined to become friends with Nico Di Angelo, even if it means he loses the friends he's made.  Nico is everything Will wants in a friend (maybe even more than a friend ;)) and Will refuses to let him slip away.

So this is my Solangelo AU.  I really hope you like it.  It's kind of inspired by some other things I've read so if you've read something like it that's probably why.  If I use your ideas please don't hurt me, I just thought they were cool and I wanted to do something similar and I really admire your work.  Ok my lovely uNICOrns.  Enjoy!
-Queen Liz

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Lol I'm reading the comments and I'm just like um how long is 5'4 I'm Dutch
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*Percy comes out of nowhere*
                              I guess he doesn't have any bc they aren't his type
I want my walls to be black but my mom says no black.
                              or....anything dark for that matter
I will never put Nico in my mind with an Italian accent. Never!
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Wait so his mom died in a crash, but she just made cookies. I'm a little confused, if someone could clear this up and explain  I would appreciate it