The Magic Of Arilia

The Magic Of Arilia

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K.A.H By Kiamichi Updated Jun 04, 2018

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I've decided to keep you."

"Excuse me?" I snarled crossing my arms over my chest.

He may be an all powerful sex god of a genie but I don't take that shit from ANYONE. Hot or not... 

"Look buster I don't care who you are I-"

My eyes widened in shock when his lips crashed passionately against mine. 


Arilia is just living her life the best way she knows how, go to work, go out with friends, the usual 19 year old thing. 

That is until she and her friend Abby win a trip to the Bahamas. 

And seeing that it's free they aren't about to turn it down. But one tour/ exploration later Arilia finds herself at the bottom of a pit. 
While waiting for Abby  to come back with help, she spies a beautifully strange looking bottle. 

Thinking nothing of it she touches it, and it seems normal enough...

Until a hot, horny, exotic sex god of. A genie pops out claiming you as his 'Magic holder' 

And so starts our tale...

Cover by: Fay The Great

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(May have sexual content so be warned!) 

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