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Say It | OBJ

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Alisha By lisha-stories Updated Jul 09

Nyla has struggled her entire life with having a voice. The only person she ever felt comfortable with speaking to was her father. It was as though he was the only one who understood her. He would never grow frustrated with how long it took her to get her words out, no matter how jumbled they came out. 

After losing her father at the age of ten she stopped speaking completely, only finding how to express herself through music. Following her passion of dance Nyla made it through school and college. Now Nyla is branching out into the powerful dance teams of the NFL.

Nyla's anxiety is now tested as she enters into a world bigger than her. The struggle of being around people who don't get her almost makes her want to give up, that is until one of the teams star players takes interest in her. Will he be able to help her find her voice, or will it push her further to the end?


This story is inspired by one of my all time favorite novels: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. If you haven't read it I suggest you go do so when you have the time.

My 2nd grade teacher taught us sign language and then I grew up and forgot it
😐 whoever that ass wipe was need to go to hell for even saying something like that to her and also making her waste good food 😐✌
MacMoney MacMoney Jul 19
their little talk was soooo cute 😩😍 had me smiling like a idiot the whole time 😂
keepfaithh keepfaithh Jul 10
I love how long this chapter was, it had a great length. I like the concept of this story and I can't wait to read more.
Awnn 😩❤️ I can already tell I did the right thing by adding this book to my library
ZanaaC ZanaaC Jan 04
Omg I love Just Listen. And I can tell I'm going to love this