SOLDIER ||leonetta {Editing}

SOLDIER ||leonetta {Editing}

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Sometimes you ask life why you've been gifted with so much beauty. 
I had asked myself that same question every single day. How could all of this be so pefect and only ment for me?
That was all what was going on inside of Leon's head. He had his family, his best friend, the love of his life all twisted around his fingers like they could never slip away.

But when things seem to be too perfect,

There's always something trying to break it.

And in his case,

A war.
Read how Leon Vargas joins the army to fight against the enemy to safe his nation. How he had to leave everything he had ever loved behind.
Inclueded his best friend, the girl who was suposed to be the love of his life. 
But writing letters and having faith wasn't enough for her. 
She followed him.