The Definition Of Not Leaving (Kellic)

The Definition Of Not Leaving (Kellic)

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Leave (verb): 
to depart from permanently 

Hollywood is a big place for Kellin Quinn, but he is still your average nobody. Living in a large house with the set designer, his uncle, of many popular movies, Kellin lives a life just like any other 17 year old kid. 

Until he meets Vic Fuentes, a boy with stars in his eyes and shoes made for walking down the red carpet like a king. 

Kellin stumbles into the drama Hollywood always had intended for him, and he's afraid he'll never be able to escape the flashing lights and pretty gowns that everyone dreams of

Maya146 Maya146 Jul 24
Literally, my mom thinks that sleeping with sirens is like slip knot. I go to an all girls catholic school, she thinks I might be worshipping the devil I think.
We need to prepare for another day of scaring the livin' shît outta him
I'm sorry but my life is priceless I don't know what your talking about. cx
hatsandmilk hatsandmilk Aug 26
Me right now because someone told me my addiction of Cinderella movies was adorable
Maya146 Maya146 Jul 24
There's this little kid that goes to my old school, his name was kellin and he has blonde brownish hair just like fetus kellin, and I died. I said hi to him every time I saw home the hallways and stuff, and he was so creeped out by me. Now I feel bad, he may be scarred for life now.
My dad and ' uncle ' love my music but my mumzy.. well she says it gives her headaches. I play it anyways😂