The Definition Of Not Leaving (Kellic)

The Definition Of Not Leaving (Kellic)

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Leave (verb): 
to depart from permanently 

Hollywood is a big place for Kellin Quinn, but he is still your average nobody. Living in a large house with the set designer, his uncle, of many popular movies, Kellin lives a life just like any other 17 year old kid. 

Until he meets Vic Fuentes, a boy with stars in his eyes and shoes made for walking down the red carpet like a king. 

Kellin stumbles into the drama Hollywood always had intended for him, and he's afraid he'll never be able to escape the flashing lights and pretty gowns that everyone dreams of

I like how you have to add that it's not like he is in a band
my old school had the same color and whenever I would walk in I would think about the time in first grade where the kid picked my chair up and dumped me out of if
EdAPoe EdAPoe Mar 24
A) Fvck you
                              B) Fvck off
                              C) WHAT THE FVCK THAT WAS SO GOOD WTFF
-heyitsAwkward- -heyitsAwkward- Dec 08, 2016
Tbh I say the same thing when I have a "confident" interaction with someone who I don't know.
Tonys_gaymoon_childX Tonys_gaymoon_childX Dec 29, 2016
Nah if u say you look like trash even tho ur not, thn I'm worse
SpiffySock SpiffySock Dec 24, 2016
my mom and brother insult my music all the time but they're like that with everything i love but my other brother and dad give it a chance and actually my dad listens to i write sins not tragedies and my brother share a playlist on spotify lol