Paperboy. (h.s. au)

Paperboy. (h.s. au)

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And just like the waves need the moon

To give a little push and pull

I need you.


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YoWatsUpp YoWatsUpp Aug 03
My sister has more friends than I have ever had in my entire freaking life. She is younger than me.
kalaxis kalaxis Jun 01
Can totally relate. I have no social life while my little brother's out every weekend with his friends.
kingz93 kingz93 May 14
BOI getting a car like that is not even worth it, you must have paid thousands of dollars in restorations to make it at least safe. You're better off getting a brand new lease
hannah24602 hannah24602 Jun 02
Honest: only clicked on this book bc of your name. Maybe the universe is acting in my favor today...
imthelittlespoon imthelittlespoon 6 days ago
The end of summer break and I have achieved absolutely nothing... WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK I have achieved something and not to toot my own horn or anything but I know how to get to the kitchen and back to the couch within 6 seconds... 
                                toot toot.