Forget Her (Part 1)

Forget Her (Part 1)

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♤°¤Ana¤°♧ By Kpoppin_Stars Completed

Jungkook was just dumped by his loving girlfriend. He misses her terribly and wants to wait forever for her.

She was and still is everything to him. Without her, he feels as if he's nothing.

She, MinAh Tan, was his first love and will always be the love of his life... At least that's what he thinks.

She's the only one who made his heart race and made him.. Happy.

Until he meets SoonHee Jeong, a girl who's... Different. 

Jungkook goes to college to study music with his friends who are known as "BTS" or the "Bangtan Boys". 

He meets SoonHee when one of his friends introduce her to him, hoping that she will get his mind off of MinAh.

The thing is, they've always been doing this with him, showing him new girls to help him get over his ex, but he's never satisfied.

Until SoonHee...


This fanfic is all made up using my imagination. I did NOT copy anyone else's story. 

Thank you and Enjoy! ^.^ <3

****The Forget Series Started: 
July 20, 2015****

****The Forgetc Seried Ended: February 3, 2016****

-MyGoddess -MyGoddess Jun 29, 2016
Minah gosh why would you dump a caring and loving person like Jungkook... -.-
Jimin-Panda Jimin-Panda Aug 19, 2016
Wait hold up?? What us this??
                              Why havnt i seen ths story before??
                              I feel stupid right now
Gao_Xiong16 Gao_Xiong16 Mar 09, 2016
Omo, the song really sets the mood for this chapter. Daebak!
pauline_bts7 pauline_bts7 Dec 30, 2015
Mian...markeu :( but jungkook is a bias wrecker 😭 mianhae OPPA....
mj_eternally mj_eternally Nov 28, 2015
Strictly followed that "Don't start reading until Jungkook starts singing".. Oh god!! The feelss!!
jeonwtf jeonwtf Sep 06, 2015
bruh my name is Minah and I already don't want to read this bc of the description and it feels like I'm the one hurting him wth. 
                              but nvm I'm gonna read it anw bc it seems like hella good story~~~!