Life as Brad Simpsons girlfriend

Life as Brad Simpsons girlfriend

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You where walking through the park with your best friend joking around when a football comes towards you right by your feet you stop it won your foot. A boy with curly hair comes up to you. 

"Sorry thanks for saving my ball" he giggles 

"It's ok anytime" you say 

"Do you wanna come hang out with me and my friends"

"Um sure I guess" you says following with boy back to where his friends are. You guys just hang out for hours until you and your friend realise what the time is "oh my god we better get going it was nice to meet you all" you stand up with your friend and start walking away. 

"Wait Y/N" you turn around and see Brad running towards you 

"Ok so the real reason I invited you to hang out with us is because I thought you where stunning that's why I kicked the ball over to you and that's why I invited you over I was hoping I would have the guts to ask for your number but I guess I didn't but I can't just let you get away like that I would never forgive my self if I did that so...

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