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Living in a Fairy Tale

Living in a Fairy Tale

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Rachel By live_laugh_love96 Updated Oct 11, 2010

Being blind wouldn't be that bad.  At least you wouldn't have to see evil in the world.  Being deaf wouldn't be that bad either.  The cruel, hurtful words would just zip past your head without you knowing that they even existed.  Death, on the other hand, may or may not be bad.  Just depends on how you die.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~115 year old Nadia has just been enrolled into Franklin J. High School.  But, Franklin J. High School isn't just like any other high school, it's for fairy tale creatures.  When Nadia finds out that she not just a witch but the princess to the magical side of the universe, her world will turn upside down.  An evil warlock want Nadia for himself and will try anything to get her.  But will Nadia cave into his ways or will she come out in the end victorious?

live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Nov 26, 2010
@hahahairem Thank you :)  Oh and thanks for becoming a fan!!!  :)  This is more of a side project to tell you the truth :)  But I plan on finishing this one right after I get done with Fanning the Flames :)  So it might be a while but i'm hoping to finish fanning the flames before christmas :)
live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Oct 11, 2010
This make me mad!!  I had like 7 pages but it went down to one on here!!  :p that stinks!!!
live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Oct 11, 2010
@MusicMaiden101 hah :D  Thank you!!  :D I'll uplaod either tonight or tomorrow night on this one kay?  :D OH and thanks for becomming a fan!!!!!