Oh, Teacher Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic)

Oh, Teacher Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic)

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It's a very common thing for a student to have on a teacher, and sometimes a teacher having a minor crush on a student isn't so rare either. It only happens when one innocent study session between teacher Kim Jongin and student Do Kyungsoo and a stormy night to screw things up for them, let their feelings out. Diving into any relationship headfirst is something big, but when it is your own student you're with, things are always going to be more complicated than they seem. Nothing ever seems to go right for Jongin, first of all being kicked out of his mother's house due to getting in contact with his father also not helping the fact that he revealed he was gay at the time, he just hopes maybe that Kyungsoo will be the thing that will be with him forever. 

"B-but Kyungsoo, I'm your teacher." Jongin stutters, face a flaming red. Kyungsoo smirks and licks his lips despite his fear of thunder and lightning. 

"I don't care Mr Kim. I like you and you like me, and that's the way it's supposed to be."

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