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Hurt [BoyxBoy]

Hurt [BoyxBoy]

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jenny By RushingPeazer Completed

Being the only homosexual boy on his school, James had to fight everyday. Being bullied and beaten is every day routine for him. And nobody's there to help him.... Or does the new student Daniel belong to him? (Contains lots of boy x boy, so if you're a homophobe... Don't read it and leave my profile.)

imessedupbad imessedupbad Jun 21, 2016
Here I am, this is me, there's no where else on earth I'd rather be.
Boyxboyismylife5 Boyxboyismylife5 Dec 01, 2015
This is depressing because only thing about his is he's gay.
_ima_bored_ _ima_bored_ Nov 12, 2015
The theme song for Disney channel popped into my head throne that was like 
                              "This is me I'm exactly how I'm supposed to be "
yourdirtylaundry yourdirtylaundry Oct 26, 2015
I stg I've read this before but hell IM going to read it again
-Janine- -Janine- May 28, 2014
Don't ever say the m-word (*whispers*) it destroys your MIIIIND.
-Janine- -Janine- May 28, 2014
I am, gosh. Don't be so harsh. 
                              Jkjk and FINALLY one gay book that don't involve werewolves and supernatural stuff. A normal life that's probably actually happening. :)