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Howl Of Rejection

Howl Of Rejection

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heather By woohoo1 Updated Jul 21, 2015

"I don't want you! you're nothing but filth. You're ugly weak and unwanted! You're high to think that I want you as a mate! You know what? I reject you!" he snarled in a deadly voice causing unwanted shivers sprint down my spine. I could hear my heart breaking into millions of pieces.."But you're my mate Xavier!" I screamed only for him to bring up his palm as it swiftly collided with my cheek making me whimper. ."One you would not talk to me in that tone! Two you would either call me Mr. Dawson when we're in school or Alpha when we're at home! Understand?" he growled his piercing blue eyes flickering back and forth from ocean blue to pitch black. Not trusting my voice i nodded reluctantly and he emitted a dark chuckle making my eyes squeeze shut. " Pathetic! weak! what you gonna do now,run of?" He mocked with dry humour. I took a deep breath and shook my head " no,I'm not going,you will suffer everyday on what you're missing out on. and when you want me back,It will be too late" i whispered shakily. This only caused his anger to be triggered because his jaw clenched in utter fury and his muscles rippled making his biceps bulge out. I flinched back burying my self back into the wall and prepared for the worse to come,The abuse,The hatred,The rejection, I went through for years A twisted fate brings Alycia a twisted mate. With her parents no longer there to help her, she turns to her brother for some love. But he offers no love and she feels rejected. Finally when she finds out her Alpha / Teacher who abused her along with her brother for years is her mate. hope bubbles inside her but she comes crashing down, when he too, rejected her. NO SHE DOES NOT RUN AWAY.She faces it everyday holding on to the memories of her and her parents. When Xavier finally notices that he is about to loose her completely he desires her back. But Alycia gives him a taste of his own medicine. When not a single boy wanted her, they are now falling at her feet.

Sooooo sad. Poor Aliciya. And that's my name but people call me Ali.😢😊
SaharH1 SaharH1 Feb 11
It's obviously cuz she beautiful and they're not so they're jealous
I feel stupid but..... Doesn't 3rd p.o.v. mean the author is speaking? 😐😫🙈
MichelleGarcia103100 MichelleGarcia103100 Dec 17, 2016
I vote that the wolfs fur should be the same color as the human form it makes more sense
DeeDe_CoCo DeeDe_CoCo Oct 18, 2016
I hit my brother with the ps3 controller, because he kept on asking me for MY jelly beans...
The first chapter and I already cried. Oh well can't stop reading it's too good