Honeybee   << Ant-Man / OC FanFiction >>

Honeybee << Ant-Man / OC FanFiction >>

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Crys MadMaximoff By justanothergeek Updated Feb 15, 2016

An Ant-Man (Scott Lang) Fanfiction

Almost twenty years after the death of her mother at the age of seven and the emotional negligence of her father, Dr. Hank Pym, Evelyn "Ellie" Pym now works as an undercover agent for what is left of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Director Fury, who is technically dead. While undercover and working for Doctor Cross, she meets the one and only Scott Lang, a criminal who her father is relying on to save the world.

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Mermaidengirl Mermaidengirl Aug 17, 2017
Me too it's time people start to comment on your books I'm sure it fantastic 🖒🖒
sietehood sietehood Dec 27, 2015
I fell for him as Mike, Phoebe's boyfriend, then husband, on Friends
bridgetkohart bridgetkohart Dec 14, 2015
I loved him in Clueless! Paul plays Cher's older (not so) step brother.
benja_the_trashcan benja_the_trashcan Nov 21, 2015
Stop trying to make Jai Courtney happen. It's not going to happen
ThePietroMaximoff ThePietroMaximoff Aug 02, 2015
I live on lake Michigan. *sigh of content* Good ol' northern Michigan. although I can't wait to move to NYC. I may have grown up in a small, beautiful town, but there is no place where I feel more content than when I'm in the city.