Harder Than You Think

Harder Than You Think

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Manda By AmandaVictoriaCecilia Updated Aug 14, 2011

I woke up to the sound of rocks hitting my window.  This anger me very much.  I dragged myself out of my bed and to my window where I slid it open.  The window didn't have screen so just as I opened it all the way I was hit by a rock.

"Ow," I winced.

"Oh sorry, Taylor!" the guy called up to me.  Taylor?  Who the hell is Taylor?

"Hey buddy, I think you have the wrong house!" I called down to him angrily.

"Taylor? Is that you?"

"No it's Macey!  And you've disturbed my pleasant dreams so you better get lost before I come down and kick your butt!"

"Hmmm, do you like peanut butter and Jelly?" he asked.

"I'm allergic to grapes."

"Really?" he asked amazed.

"No," I told him and went to slam my window shut.

"Wait!" he yelled and I paused.  "I have a couple sandwhich's that I'm aparently going to be eating by myself if you'd like to join me."

"I don't like peanut butter and jelly."

"Well good, because they're tuna!" he grinned and he'd really nailed it.  I loved tuna.  How could I re...

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