The GangLeader And Me!

The GangLeader And Me!

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chlooee15 By chlooee15 Updated Jul 21, 2016

Dylan Maradas is a 17 year old Mexican girl. Her mum died when she was one/she has no grandparents or uncles and aunties or cousins/she only grew up with her dad in her life but he died when she was 15. She is a bubbly/positive/negative/over enthusiastic/sassy/sarcastic/cheeky/funny/tiny at the height of 5foot-1inche/colourful(because she likes to dye her hair now and then)/troublemaking/pranking/little spitfire. You DO NOT want to get on her bad side and she will respect you if you respect her. She's moving to a small town in America called Lakewood.

Axel Harris is a 17 year old American gang leader of the scorpions.He lives with his twin sister Lucy who is Lakewood high school(LWHS) nerd and his two best friends Jayden carpenter the co-leader and Leo Wayne the co-co-leader. They are fearless/ruthless/careless and scary you also don't want to mess with them. They hardly care about anything but always try to protect Lucy whenever they can.

*warning there will be sexual content in this story,so read if you don't mind it*

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The names are a little weird but the rest of the story is good
LWHS = Luke want his socks (don't be affendid please) 
                              thats the first thing came in to my mind when i read LWHS i was like that doesnt make sense but i never understand my brain i dont accept any to either
ItsMariaGomez ItsMariaGomez Sep 19, 2016
She woke up at 8:00 damn mine starts at 8:00 so i wake up at 6:30 leave to school like at 7:45 and get there on time
In the description it said Leo Wayne as the co-co-leader. I imagined he would be a big muscly black guy 😂😂
moonwalkingonhoes moonwalkingonhoes Jun 20, 2016
One: I have a gym teacher named Mr. Morgan and I hate him!!!!!
                              Two: If she just moved from Mexico, how did she get all that stuff already?
fergy_brat fergy_brat Dec 09, 2015
Bruh!!! Please update!!! I want to finish your book bro!! Btw dude you a awesome writer!!