Second Chance ((Sequel to I Will Still Love You/PPGZ and RRBZ))

Second Chance ((Sequel to I Will Still Love You/PPGZ and RRBZ))

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ON HIATUS By HimekoLioness Completed

(Sequel to I Will Still Love You)

It has been one year since the death of Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup. The princes were devastated and depressed ever since, they regret everything they did to break their hearts that night.

And just when they were about to go through another month without their lovely flowers, an unexpected meeting occured.

At the garden of roses was where they met once more..

Yah don't have to say royal prince cloths brick that just sound wrong for some reason I don't know 😕
This reminds of this boy who sat up on his funeral and ask for a glass of water, drank the water his dad gave and fell down dead, literally.
Wow she really wants to see her daughters such a nice person 🙂
I don't think you' should put God in this story and it's okay but I don't think God would say that just thinking keep it just thinking
Also they have these moon rings that do just about anything. They live on a volcanic looking island called Mako. Under a full moon, in the "moon pool", magic happens. They dont call them humans. They call them land people, land girls, or land boys.
ThatSimpleEpicGirl ThatSimpleEpicGirl Jul 25, 2015