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gaara x reader

gaara x reader

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xWhiteAngel By xWhiteAngel Updated Oct 30, 2016

Haunted by the darkness of your past, you arrived in Konoha.
There you met Naruto Uzumaki who turned out to be your brother.
After you met Kazekage Gaara, you felt a feeling you didn't know.
The secrets you have are too dangerous to tell anyone so you lied about your past.
Everybody belived your lies excpet one person, Gaara.
Can somebody help you? Save you?
Or will the secrets of your past hunt you and destroy everything you have? Kill everybody you know? 
Will you get killed or will you survive?

Kozumeeee Kozumeeee Jul 07, 2016
*grill laying on the ground, still hot from the previous steak it grilled*
WildKataWolf WildKataWolf Jul 11, 2016
Spelling: *Covered. Ghost. Yourself. Whispered. Girl. Froze. Remembered. Happened. Your. Answered. Shook. (all in order) 
                              If you want, I could give you my kik and I could help you translate to English.
- - May 27, 2016
Spellig is spelled speeling!!!ya sily goose!!!
                              Mother language reminded me of mortger russia....
MagicMuffin33 MagicMuffin33 Dec 27, 2016
Lonely_DepressedWolf Lonely_DepressedWolf Jan 07, 2016
Tsunade is probably thinking: NOOOOOOOOO!!! NOT ANOTHER NARUTO!!!!!!
akaluv99 akaluv99 Dec 07, 2015
So you are Naruto's sister, interesting. I think making the first chapter start as a flashback would be good. That way readers can feel like they are right in the action. Then you should have the reader way up, look around the room and be confused. That's just some feedback :)