The Girl Who Ran With The Raptors (Jurassic World Zach Fanfic)

The Girl Who Ran With The Raptors (Jurassic World Zach Fanfic)

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Jazmine Venecia By JazzyVenecia46 Updated Jul 20, 2016

"Who is she?"

"You mean Allison?"

"Yes. Like, she's...different."

"She's different cause she's The Girl Who Ran With The Raptors."

 Allison is Owen Grady's daughter. Just like her father, she too works at Jurassic World along with her best friend, Riley as a Velociraptor trainer. She's been in love with dinosaurs for as long as she can remember. Her favorite ones are the Tyranosaurus Rex and Velociraptors. She has a bond with all of her and Riley's raptors, but she only has one she imprinted on.

One day, she gets asked to show Claire's nephews, Zach and Gray around Jurassic World, which she agrees to do.

 Just as the day is going well for Allison and the rest of the group, the newest, genertically designed Indominus Rex breaks free and starts wreaking havok on Jurassic World. Allison is frightened, but manages to stay strong for herself and those she cares about.

Will Allison save those she loves? Will she be able to admit possible feelings to someone? Or will she die trying?

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LunaMiner LunaMiner Dec 14, 2017
Shawn knows where it’s at boi! Chocolate ice cream for da winn
_Dapholicious_ _Dapholicious_ Aug 02, 2016
Does anyone else think that Nick Robinson looks like Shawn Mendes ?
LillyLestrange LillyLestrange Sep 12, 2016
Isnt that annabeth from percy jackson? She looks exactly like her
Cypher-LegendDragon Cypher-LegendDragon Nov 17, 2016
I'm really sorry but I'm cringing right now. I REALLY hate the Percy Jackson movies
Cypher-LegendDragon Cypher-LegendDragon Nov 17, 2016
Hey look! It's the person who played Annabeth from that disgrace of a movie called the Sea of Monsters!
                              I call it disgrace because it was so off the story from the books that it was offensive to many PJO book fans.
caitlan1432 caitlan1432 Aug 19, 2015
oh my fûcking god..........cliffhanger dundunduuuuuuunnnnnn