Nico goes to Hogwarts

Nico goes to Hogwarts

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The Giant War didn't end how it was supposed to. Oh, don't worry, the demigods won of course - but at a price.

With the Seven gone, Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace were the last children of the Big Three. Campers looked up to them for guidance - that is until, Thalia is killed in a Hunt. Camp Half-Blood and Jupiter alike didn't take the losses well, and took it out on the only person they could think of. Nico, the creepy Son of Hades. 

Two years later, Nico has long since left the miniature hell called Camp and is travelling around the world with his boyfriend, Will. Completing Quests and fixing relationships with their families was their aim for the next few years - but then Nico was offered Godhood, and Will was suddenly the Guardian of the Hunt.

For their first quest as immortals, Nico and Will are sent undercover by Hecate and Apollo in a magical school to defeat 'Lord Voldemort' before he starts a War, essentially nipping the problem in the bud. It wouldn't be easy, though. Of course not. 

Life is never easy with a certain Trio around...

*During Goblet of Fire*
*Longer Summery inside*

Isn't it cruel that the only one out of eight who wanted to die got to live? Life's f*cked up that way I guess.
I was like 'holy shitu there are so many comments for this line' but it's all just replies so oh well
Kjerstimya Kjerstimya Nov 04
**deep breathing** All my favorite things ( solangelo, HP and PJO HOO ) smashes together And I LIKE IT!!!!
The horror we dont need another drama queen *thunder rumbles* oh shush drama queen
But- but Nico has his wonderful sorta cousin: ME THE LEGACY OF HADES DAUGHTER OF ATHENA WOO