Vampire Academy [FairyTail Fanfic]

Vampire Academy [FairyTail Fanfic]

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claremin By parkjiminswings Updated Apr 03

Lucy Heartfilia was just a kid when her parents were cruelly slaughtered by the most vicious monster of all--a vampire.

Ever since then, she had been searching for vampires--their weaknesses, strengths and their hideouts. She has been dreaming of killing every last one of them.

But, what happens when she finally encountered one and she did NOT expect to fall for one of them? Will she still continue her plan? Or will she move on and forgive its sin?

😂😂😂 I find it funny when ppl use the cute "rawr" instead of the supposed to be scary "roar" 😂😂😂
When i read the description, I thought of Owari No Seraph and AoT mix
Of all things to have in a kitchen 
                              An AXE
                              LOL, I shouldn't be joking around
                              This is a serious part
L-arcade L-arcade Feb 28
Zeref!!! It wouldn't be gajeel because he is notice and identified by his piercings
Gray or Zeref...... I really hope it's Gray or Zeref..... But for real, I hope it is UGH I can't pick!
carebare01 carebare01 Jan 26