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Just like most students, Alexandra is just a 19 year old teen who had always dreamed of pursuing a life after high school. She had always been wondering and dreaming of the day she would step foot in college and live a glorious college life with her boyfriend Owen. 

However, that dream of hers is soon crushed and ruined the day her dad walked out of her life, leaving Alexandra, her mum and four other younger siblings behind. Afterall, life isn't perfect and we can never expect everything to just fall in place miraculously. 

Desperate to get a job to support her family, she immediately snagged a job as a bodyguard, a job that offers a million dollars. Finally, she thought there's hope. Little did she know that she will be crossing paths with a handsome, cocky and flirty boy that will not make the job easy for her. 

With Alexandra's quirky and sarcastic personality, what will happen when the two unlikely individuals crossed paths? 
WARNING: might have some cliché moments but sorry I'm a sucker for cliché :P There will also be the use MILD colourful languages but anyways, happy reading! :)

p.s. The chapters are NOT edited so pardon my mistakes :)

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natashacanedo2016 natashacanedo2016 Aug 29, 2017
My name is Natasha and I have a twin called nathalia 😂😂😭😂😂
anilemarguello anilemarguello Mar 29, 2017
Why would his mum be having a kid at age 40 that's really risky for the life of the mother and child
savage_ravenclaw savage_ravenclaw Oct 08, 2017
Shouldn't the older kids be helping by getting half time jobs and some of the younger ones (not the baby or the 7 yr old of course) should know how to cook and help around the house
Anaia2004 Anaia2004 Mar 13, 2016
Just saw someone voted for this and its already amazing to me 👍👍👍💜💜🌟🌟
whynot_alle whynot_alle Jan 02, 2017
cant nathan and the twins help out tho? i mean they're at the age to get jobs
WriteUpMyAlley WriteUpMyAlley Oct 16, 2015
Just started the book and I love it already. I'm going to literally try to remember allllll the characters name, age, etc. But..goshhh that's a lot to handle at 19.