The Deaf of Me

The Deaf of Me

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Nora By redtopic127 Updated 5 days ago

"Why are you doing this?" Scarlett said.

"Because I love you Scarlett," Ryder signed.
She'll never forget the last sound she heard before the car hit them. Waking up in the hospital trying to hear for any sign of her family, but nothing, not even her own thoughts she could hear. And that's what she has to live with, not being able to hear, only being able to sign or read lips. 

Being deaf isn't easy, especially when you read people's lips who think that all you want is attention so they make fun off you, calling you "the mute." Her whole life she's gotten use to it but now somebody's actually fighting back for her. But why? Nobody's ever tried to even speak back to her in sign but now somebody's trying. And that somebody, of course it had to be the "famous" Ryder Flynn. 
He is the guy every girl wants, he's not popular but he gets around, but man is this guy a cocky little shh. But for some reason he likes Scarlett but why?

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(Cover made by @FloraKnight)

namenotfound_ namenotfound_ Nov 16, 2016
What happened???? I was already done with the book and now there's only 3 chapters . . .
smol_lanna_bean smol_lanna_bean Nov 21, 2016
Im so confused T^T i was like heeey gonna read this book since it was updated, and now almost all the chapters are gone :(
ClaceFaxFiolee ClaceFaxFiolee Nov 08, 2016
Dude. Why'd you stop writing?? This is an intensely cool concept!
pettss22 pettss22 Nov 15, 2016
Oml, i was thinking the same thing. She's been scared for life
DiscardedMarionette DiscardedMarionette Dec 09, 2016
I feel like this is obvious, but usually when a person takes a book down, they e.d.i.t it.
AngelGuzzie AngelGuzzie 3 days ago
Simba was walking to slow so he said mufasa (move faster) 🙂