The Deaf of Me

The Deaf of Me

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N. B. Allen By redtopic127 Updated Feb 02

(The original "The Deaf of Me")

"Why are you doing this?" Scarlett said.

"Because I love you Scarlett," Ryder signed.
She'll never forget the last sound she heard before the car hit them. Waking up in the hospital trying to hear for any sign of her family, but nothing, not even her own thoughts she could hear. And that's what she has to live with, not being able to hear, only being able to sign or read lips. 

Being deaf isn't easy, especially when you read people's lips who think that all you want is attention so they make fun off you, calling you "the mute." Her whole life she's gotten use to it but now somebody's actually fighting back for her. But why? Nobody's ever tried to even speak back to her in sign but now somebody's trying. And that somebody, of course it had to be the "famous" Ryder Flynn. 
He is the guy every girl wants, he's not popular but he gets around, but man is this guy a cocky little shh. But for some reason he likes Scarlett but why?

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(Cover made by @FloraKnight)

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- - Jul 27, 2017
Aw, her brother is nice. That's how my siblings were when I lost my hearing
Mocha15years Mocha15years Dec 12, 2017
I've been trying 15 years and can't learn ASL. I can finger spell and that's it 😂
broxyboo broxyboo Nov 30, 2017 does she get through school then? Does no-one speak to her?
- - Aug 05, 2017
That's completely reversed with my brother and I. He's about 5' 5" and I'm 5' 11"
writer-singer-dancer writer-singer-dancer May 23, 2017
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kinseytomlin kinseytomlin Nov 13, 2017
everyone out here talking about lion king when all i can notice is the incorrect sentence structure of this asl convo... lmao eek