✅Son of Lupa - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

✅Son of Lupa - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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||GOD AU||

What if Percy Jackson was never a child of Poseidon, but a child of Rome, one with the power to guide the power hungry to salvation? What if he was the only hope for the Olympian Gods when a new threat arises?

'Gods and goddesses unite in girth,
To defeat the one who is the earth.
The mother of Rome's broken promises;
Shall bring a hero who is amongst us.
Whose father is lord of the darkest pits,
The fate of all, that one man permits.'

WARNING: THIS IS OLD SO DON"T JUDGE PLEASE :) my writing was definitely not very good when I was younger

DISCLAIMER: Although this fanfiction follows a completely different story line to Uncle Rick's Percy Jackson series it may have spoilers. I would advise for you to read both PJO and HoO before jumping into this story! Read at your own risk!

{Completed: 17/05/16}

I do not own Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus. They belong to Rick Riordan :-)

Good, for a young writer (yes I know this is a old book, bla bla bla, it's still good)
EverestOrihara EverestOrihara Dec 19, 2016
Yay! This is great already~!... Please tell me there's SolAngelo...
- - Jun 26, 2016
i_writewhen_bored i_writewhen_bored Dec 01, 2015
If Lupa is Roman, why does she refer to the Greek gods and not the Roman ones?
CSP2708 CSP2708 Nov 09, 2015
I know that Artemis means well, but she couldn't possibly say this! She is the Goddess of Childbirth! This would be going against her own morals. She is supposed to be the guardian of young children.