A Gang Leader Wants Me?

A Gang Leader Wants Me?

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"I'm not Tyler's! I'm not anyone's!" I screamed. Tyler can go fuck himself. He's a mean, cruel Gang Leader. And I'm not a possession.

David walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"What if I want you to be mine?" He whispered in my ear. I blushed. How did this turn from a fight to David confessing his feelings to me?

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gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Sep 08, 2017
ACTUALLY, me being the puspus i am--
                              id be like
                              STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME
                              plz dont hurt me...
Fire_Kai Fire_Kai Jun 13
Sorry for all the Davids out there but as soon as I read that name I thought 'who names their kid David?'
Kiya114 Kiya114 Aug 22, 2017
Why every book I read its always "since" somebody...since julie...since Amanda LMFAOOO
XMDREAMdragon XMDREAMdragon Jun 01, 2017
Well someone horny..........just wow......eww I shouldn't know about this I'm 14.....oh wait I don't live in a bubble I can't help that I know about this.😒
gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Sep 08, 2017
break the heels while 
                              "like, running" lmao
                              and stab themmm
gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Sep 08, 2017