Give Me Some Of That Bass // phan [DISCONTINUED]

Give Me Some Of That Bass // phan [DISCONTINUED]

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court knee By pIisetsky Updated Feb 10

Playing music has always been a big part of Phil's life. From the time he was five, and banging spoons against the table, to present day; seventeen years old and apart of the upcoming Alt. Rock/Everything-In-Between band, Heinous. 

It's an easy life to live, he's sure. Making music with his best friends, trying to avoid failing high school the best he can, and getting his parents to stay off his back about 'that God-awful noise'. 

And there's Dan Howell. 

His sex-on-legs, hot tempered boyfriend, who miraculously shares his love of music. It's like they're meant to be. 

You know, except they're apart of different bands. Rival bands, to be exact, with every member hating the other, with a vengeance. They know damn well not to publicise their relationship, not with a certain competition coming up that could make or break them; the tension would be off the charts and would do nothing but cause unwanted drama. 

But you can't keep secrets forever. And with the stress of practice and their band members on their backs, it's getting harder to keep it in the dark.

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