Annabeth at Goode High

Annabeth at Goode High

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Kayla By Percabeth1343 Updated Nov 06, 2013

Annabeth doesn't want to say goodbye to Percy, so when he offers for her to stay with him and go to his school, Goode High, how can she say no? Once they arrive and all the girls see how much more cute, athletic, and strong Percy has gotten, how far will they go to make Percy there's? What will Annabeth do? 

Percy has always been very protective of Annabeth, after all his fatal flaw is personal loyalty. So when he takes Annabeth to school with him and all the guys are falling all over her, how far will he go to keep her with him?

Percy and Annabeth have faced countless monsters, stared there fatal flaw in the face, and even faced the Titan King Kronos, but can they survive the drama of high school? Read to find out!!!

Anyone else imagining Percy fumbling with it and it stabbing his toe or something like that?...
                              ...just me? Okay... 😐
Justadork__ Justadork__ Oct 26
Not all Athen kids are blonde, some times Athen appears to mortals with black hair
I'm sorry but "dreamless" and "demigod" don't really go together. Unless you count Tartarus...
She is waaayy to excited to be sharing a room with Percy *wink wonk*
Percy: I traveled through hell and back WITH her, So, lol deal with it, cousin
And then you become even more famous for destroying the world.....
                              ...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! PUNZ FOR DAYZ!!!!