SHULAN (BWWM) *hiatus*

SHULAN (BWWM) *hiatus*

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L.B. Keen By LBKeen Updated Nov 10, 2017

There was once a world that the gods favored. This world was known as Shulan and as time went on the gods grew restless and wished to move on. So they assigned the oracle a demi-goddess to choose the king who would rule and bring peace. 

But time has passed, and the old stories have grown silent. The oracle has long since been forgotten and now an Empire rules the land spreading misery and sadness.  Shulan is now a crater of cries from humans for the return of the true king. 

Alana Stevenson has never been normal but she definitely doesn't fit the profile to be an heroin. Black, independent and a little bit too into math. She doesn't have have the  awkward yet quirky, anti-social profile that's usually popular to be sent to other worlds. 

Yet, a forgotten errand will send her to a world where her every choice will shape the outcome of its people. 

Hopefully, she'll be able to handle it. 

"I mean c'mon, saving the world , defeating an evil queen, and getting caught up with a prince... Pfft, Piece of cake." 

(Another LBK original)

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Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Nov 29, 2017
Wth!!! Well push me in the streets then. Damn why so harsh??!!! 😂😂😂😩😩😩
Mz_TMZ Mz_TMZ Nov 11, 2017
Was I the only one that starting singing that song by Beyoncé with that same line
DioniciaAlex DioniciaAlex Oct 04, 2016
See it's always the books with the weird symbols that get you in trouble