Nightwing x Reader

Nightwing x Reader

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This is a love story with adventure it's kind of a drama I hope you enjoy this story

(Y/n) your name
(H/c) hair color
(E/c) eye color 
(H/t) hair type 

You were Dick Greyson/nightwing's best friend you knew his secret and he knew had powers like superman but even stronger but you don't use that power you only use a bit of it you were a superhero and nightwing's partner Nightingale you had a crush on him forever and left hints of it and he was catching on to them.
He actually liked you back but you never knew until.......

I hope you like this story it's my first one byeeee I hope you enjoy

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BatGirl765 BatGirl765 Aug 11
OMG I wanted to write a Nightwing fanfic and the girl's name was going to be Nightingale!!!!!!
The next X reader ff i read where i have dead parents i will gi e up om life
LoveAyanoAishi LoveAyanoAishi 6 days ago
Finally she's dead.... She was in the way anyway... Get in OUR way and I'll kill you
The fu?! I have an OC that had her parents killed in a car crash (but along with her older brother) and her hero name is Nightingale.......but this is in the Danny Phantom world not DC universe. WTH
Spamacc4me Spamacc4me Mar 17, 2016
I had to google this: Nightingale is actually a superhero but she's lesser known like her partner, Sun Bird. btw
AilynYuki16 AilynYuki16 Dec 29, 2016
I have a question; I was going to starter a Dick Grayson X OC story and her superhero name was going to be Nightingale. I thought of it before I reader your story. Is it alright if I use that alias?