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Alpha King, My Werewolf Mate

Alpha King, My Werewolf Mate

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Paige Chellino By Paige_SvaneNation Updated Feb 13

I wasn't searching for love but it was searching for me. By love, I mean a Werewolf King with an ego the size or Europe, but who can blame the guy when he runs the country? Little did I know the nights I lay restless in bed, so did a certain King. While I was working on exams and studying for my future, my future was growing quite impatient. When I was freaking out about a test on Constitutional Monarchy, he was running one. To be honest we couldn't have been more completely opposite.  
         Looking back now I wish I would have known what my future held, maybe then I wouldn't have wasted my time in classes and instead lived a little more.  Having the opportunity I would do things I am unable to do now, like think for myself and have normal human emotions... You probably think I'm crazy,  maybe I am? But who would read a story about a normal life? 
         Buckle up children, my name is Abigail Whitt and this my story.

Important: This book takes place in present time, however, The City and The Pack Castle are like two different worlds. In the City modern clothes are acceptable but at the Pack Castle, they dress in more medieval clothing made of the finest silks and fabrics.

barbie66 barbie66 Apr 17
So cooooollll .. but whats the big secret about the forest??? Are they really going to leave her alone all the time ??? 😘😚😡😮😯
professionalhater professionalhater Jan 30, 2016
I dont know how anyone can sleep on a plane, for me its so uncomfortable
Friendtoanyone Friendtoanyone Oct 06, 2016
Did she mean mama as in ma'm or something like mama that some peeps call their mums?? (I'm sorry if I sound criticising, Author, but I'm generally curious)🤔
0liviaFraser 0liviaFraser Jul 27, 2016
Omg. The spelling made me read it weird and I thought he said how great the planes desenct was
                              Who says that?!?
lolstargirl lolstargirl Jul 20, 2016
Oooo I would not b able to do that....for 10 hours to.. oh no ma'am
boysOvaflower boysOvaflower Jan 02, 2016
flying is the bomb I hate driving I get car sick if I'm in the car more than 20mins