Alpha King, My Werewolf Mate

Alpha King, My Werewolf Mate

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Paige Chellino By PaigeChellino Updated Mar 30

We all have one thing in common. 

No matter you race, religious believes or the type of background you come from, we are all searching for love. Maybe not right now depending on your age, but eventually the drive to find that one person with hit you like a train coming full speed down a rail, you happen to be standing on. 

For Brendon Svane, he's been hit by that train a couple hundred times, and is tired of standing on the track. As not only the Alpha of the largest pack in the world, he is also king of all packs within the European borders. He has a reputation of being ruthless and is more then feared for his short temper. But how can a man who has everything he has ever wanted, be so ruthless? Some say its the power, however for a man that has it all, he's missing one thing, a mate and he wont stop until he finds her. 

Abigail Whitt is the daughter of a wealthy family. On break from school she returns home to reconnect with her parents, and returns to the life she left behind years ago. Unlike Brendon, she has never been one in search of love, in fact its one of the last things on her mind. As school normally being her first priority Abigail is more then welcoming a relaxing vacation in Oregon, however that's the last thing she receives.

One things for sure, when these two meet, both of there life's will not be what either of them expected.

I dont know how anyone can sleep on a plane, for me its so uncomfortable
Did she mean mama as in ma'm or something like mama that some peeps call their mums?? (I'm sorry if I sound criticising, Author, but I'm generally curious)🤔
Omg. The spelling made me read it weird and I thought he said how great the planes desenct was
                              Who says that?!?
lolstargirl lolstargirl Jul 20
Oooo I would not b able to do that....for 10 hours to.. oh no ma'am
flying is the bomb I hate driving I get car sick if I'm in the car more than 20mins
any time I rode a plane my pilot never said anything about snacks