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Sweet Revenge (KNB fanfic)

Sweet Revenge (KNB fanfic)

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Onmyo-chan13 By Onmyo-chan13 Updated Dec 28, 2016

Kuroko Tetsuya, 6th man of the Generation of Miracles, Phantom 6th man, a player of Seirin high. You can call him whatever you want but that does not matter anymore.

He had quitted Seirin High before high school ended.

He had hated basketball.

He had hated and regretted seeing and befriending the GoM, Kagami and Seirin.

He started a new life not by being a phantom but being the most popular guy in school. Narika Gakuen is own by his family and had entered various basketball competitions around the world but never in the Inter High nor Winter Cup.

Kuroko, now the captain, has a decision to make. Either enter the Inter High to meet his past friends or enter the NBAs. But first why don't we start before he had quitted Seirin shall we?

Cover made by ME! Mayuzumi Chihiro and Sakurai Ryou in each side while Tetsu is in the middle.

EmilyLi612 EmilyLi612 Jan 12
Kuroko-san is actually 2 years younger than Mayuzumi-san. In the anime, Kuroko-san is supposed to be 14 and Mayuzumi-san was supposed to be 16.... In other words, Mayuzumi-san is 18 in this story...
Anime0taku_Trash Anime0taku_Trash Dec 11, 2016
I love how everyone is raging and I'm here just like: 
                              Huh.... That's sad. Welp! Time for the next paragraph!
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Oct 08, 2016
.....All my shampoos are floral scented... Don't ask me why... Although... I wonder if ants will get them..
Pein-Naru Pein-Naru Feb 20
as soon as I heard "burger", I was like b.itch, let's go rn XD
sakura01kuchiki sakura01kuchiki Nov 14, 2016
Ara ara what did you say  bakagami??*death glare*how dare you say that to tetsuya??because you commite a sin you have to be punishment for that*grabs medical tools,scissors.etc*
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Oct 08, 2016
.....Oh my holy crapola..  Just give the go signal, and I will torture them that will eventually end with them dying!!!