Sweet Revenge (KNB fanfic) (On Haitus~)

Sweet Revenge (KNB fanfic) (On Haitus~)

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Onmyo-chan13 By Onmyo-chan13 Updated Jul 06, 2017

Kuroko Tetsuya, 6th man of the Generation of Miracles, Phantom 6th man, a player of Seirin high. You can call him whatever you want but that does not matter anymore.

He had quitted Seirin High before high school ended.

He had hated basketball.

He had hated and regretted seeing and befriending the GoM, Kagami and Seirin.

He started a new life not by being a phantom but being the most popular guy in school. Narika Gakuen is own by his family and had entered various basketball competitions around the world but never in the Inter High nor Winter Cup.

Kuroko, now the captain, has a decision to make. Either enter the Inter High to meet his past friends or enter the NBAs. But first why don't we start before he had quitted Seirin shall we?

Cover made by ME! Mayuzumi Chihiro and Sakurai Ryou in each side while Tetsu is in the middle.

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shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash Dec 27, 2017
                              IM DISAPPOINTED IN U 6 
                              NO BASKETBALL 2 YEARS
shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash Dec 27, 2017
                              Fuk you
                              Go to the damn corner of shame
                              Stare at the wall
                              Reflect on ur actions Kagami
                              Get it?? Bc Kagami means mirror and reflections-
                              Okay this is the second time I've done this joke wheres the door
Sirto_Taito Sirto_Taito May 30, 2017
I'll kill them in one single stab....................yup plain simple but it can be torturous  :) ..........right?
potatodattebayo potatodattebayo Sep 11, 2017
hold me,or i'll stab him with a pair of a very very sharp scissors!!!
Moonlit787 Moonlit787 Jul 07, 2017
There's such a thing?! I wish I could mix my current coconut shampoo with chocolate that would be an awesome smell *sighs dreamily*
shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash Dec 27, 2017
                              NOTHING REALLY GAY ABOUT IT
                              I LOVE YOU
                              IN THE MOST HETEROSEXUAL WAY