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dovato By dovato Updated Jul 21, 2017


Wilmer. Demi. Annie. Family.

It took Annie one year to accept, befriend, trust, and love her mothers boyfriend Wilmer. At the beginning, she despises him; maybe even used the word hate. Now? She considers him her father. 

As secrets unravel, it's becoming harder and harder to keep the family together. Follow along their journey of overcoming grief, triumph, and chaos.

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angelxxcarlos angelxxcarlos Aug 16, 2015
I loved to read it but prett pretty please let them stay alive♡ update soon ♥
CinderblockGarden20 CinderblockGarden20 Aug 04, 2015
Am i the only one crying? New book, new writing and you hit me with this?! Dont make Demi die just a coma or something please for the love Demi herself! My little heart wouldnt be able to take it at all. Poor Annie. Amazing my dear amazing as always!
warrior18 warrior18 Aug 04, 2015
they can't die, it wouldn't be a total sequel if Demi dies in the first chapter
DevonnesFairy DevonnesFairy Aug 03, 2015
This chapter is genuinely the definition of genius. But omg Demi can NOT die. (Wouldn't be a Demi fanfic then would it ;) )
iluvddlovato iluvddlovato Aug 03, 2015
Wow I hate you so much (not really) but this is like my new favorite story. Please don't let them die. If they die I'm gonna die! So good so so so good. But so sad ugh :'(
Lovaticddlwv Lovaticddlwv Aug 03, 2015
please don't let them die!
                              this chapter is amazing just like all the other ones