I moved on Archie I ✔

I moved on Archie I ✔

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How would you feel when you see the guy you like holding another girl's hand? 

When he kisses a girl that isn't you? 

The biggest dance of the year,  but you aren't excited as he didn't ask you to be his date. 

You were always always his second choice. 

What happens when you finally realize that you are sick of being his second choice. 

What would you do? 

You would move on..... 

And that's what Betty Cooper finally did. 
She moved on and forgot about that red headed boy. 

And  she finally got her happy ending, 

"You never realize what you have until it's taken away from you."

He realized that when she said, "I've moved on Archie."

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Published on July 18, 2015

Cover credit to MissAnonymoussx
Thank you for the awesome cover!

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FanFictionBox FanFictionBox Oct 13, 2017
-dabs- sorry ik cringe but like lilis dabs aren’t cringe so... -lili dabs-
I've been looking for this story all my life. When Betty will finally realized she's always the second choice and is being used....who agrees?
Aurora-angel Aurora-angel Jul 03, 2017
I've never liked Archie.....I mean seriously how hard is it choose who you love......If you say you love Veronica or Betty I would fine with it....but he's like i cant choose.....I mean WTF Archie WTF..
AlexiaJMorgenstern AlexiaJMorgenstern Sep 08, 2017
I hate Veronica she knows has no loyalty when it comes to friendship. Girl code you don't date or steal each others boyfriends or crushs.
YandereHorse_NaLu YandereHorse_NaLu Jun 22, 2017
I have a dirty mind when he said "I'm going to count!" I thought it said Im going to cum! 😑Such dirty mind
Loollina24mee Loollina24mee Apr 01, 2016
HMM, well at least you dont give away which person she moves on to.