Saved By The BadBoys//:Rewriting

Saved By The BadBoys//:Rewriting

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CiCi By CelestinaJeminess Updated Oct 11

A mute by choice that's a thing right? Well for this teenage girl it's the best choice she has. Every time she opens her mouth trouble comes her way. But ever since she stopped talking she's been on the hit list of many kids at school.

Already stuck in an abusive home bully at school didn't have a chance until they became abusive. She's now an outsider and no one wants anything to do with her. Without a support system what can she do her whole world is falling apart. 

As life continues to get more and more difficult her will to live is dying down. No longer sure if she has a point or if she should just leave. Everything seems lost well until she meets a glimmer of hope. 

Welcome to Saved by the Badboys

  • abuse
  • afraid
  • badboys
  • cuts
  • fears
  • mute
  • nightmares
  • truths
  • twistandturns
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DianePayne3 DianePayne3 May 07, 2016
Damn I f***ing hate mothers that can do s**t like that to their kids
paige_joseph paige_joseph Jul 22, 2016
YESS GURL SLEEPING WITH SIRENS (i saw them live and legit he stared directly at me and waved and Agjfjdbsjdhsn)
BatmanGirl12345 BatmanGirl12345 Aug 09, 2016
Her names Astrid right? If so you need to fix the name July to Astrid. It's slightly confusing.
madison99339 madison99339 Jun 03, 2016
Thank you for that thank you so much you have no ideas how much I appreciate it
Inner__Demons__ Inner__Demons__ Jun 27, 2016
Hey I've seen this in another book before. They said this poem was theirs.
Deathica Deathica Aug 08, 2016
OMG! I have this as a song on my iPod! It's short but it's really good