Yes, I'm A Hitachiin *~*~* OHSHC FanFic

Yes, I'm A Hitachiin *~*~* OHSHC FanFic

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paint_a_dream By paint_a_dream Updated Sep 03, 2017

It took place several years ago.

We were unaware, at the time, of the procedures our parents were undergoing in order to escape from one another. Who would've known? Certainly not my two brothers and I. I mean, we were just as shocked as the other guy.

Unfortunately, by the time we were aware of the situation, I was already on my way to America with my father, while Hikaru and Kaoru stayed behind in Japan with our mother.

That was nearly a decade ago.

However, since then I've been under my father's care learning what it's like to manage several fashion businesses, as well as gone through some intense training in order to become the world's next top model. (Under one of my father's elite model agencies, of course).

Don't get me wrong, I really do yearn to see my brothers again, which is why I've been working so hard to please my dad with my performances. And I'm absolutely positive they feel the same way too!

So, in order to strike two birds with one stone, I'll somehow convince my Boss, (a.k.a. Dad), to let me undergo some more training over in Japan, so that way when everything goes as planned, we'll at long last be finally reunited!

I mean, it shouldn't be that hard...right?

*ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS; however, the OC belongs to me(:


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paint_a_dream paint_a_dream Jun 29, 2017
Thank you, your encouragement is much appreciated(: @kittykitkat1001
kittykitkat1001 kittykitkat1001 Jun 29, 2017
A bit unfortunate that you're taking a longer break, but that's your decision and I can respect it. For whenever you have a drive to continue this, just know that I'm always here if you need someone to bounce ideas off of.
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Oct 04, 2015
THIS IS GREAT! Its so FUNNY! I find it funny that she can immediately tell Haruhi is a girl but the guys don't know until they see her half naked! lol