Ereri's I want your love (Attack on Titan/ Shengeki no Kyojin)

Ereri's I want your love (Attack on Titan/ Shengeki no Kyojin)

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Galienyancats By galiesloveforYaoi Updated Sep 29, 2015



When Levi finds that he had gained feelings towards the young Titan shifter. He goes through a series of sexual intercourse to show his true love for Eren.

Once more, this fic has be abandoned!

KOKford KOKford Aug 04
Just wait for it he is gonna say "oh Levi" in his sleep I have a feeling
true self controll is reading this in the living room when you are supposed to be doing homework  XD i accidentally sqealed
People like you is the reason why I actually put in the time to stop and check the comments. You're amazing, you know that?
Me while reading this in class: 
                              Me: *lets out an obnoxiously loud squeeeeeeeee* 
                              Everybody else: *turns heads with eyebrows raised*
                              Teacher: you alright there? 
                              Me: *nods vigorously with a weird ass smile on face*
                              Friend next to me: *whispers* it's the yaoi again isn't it?  
                              Me: yep >///<
nuniyabiz nuniyabiz Jul 23
The best poker face comes from sitting in a room reading this while surrounded by your judgemental, nosy family...