Resistance • l.h.

Resistance • l.h.

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A By chubbypandaz Completed

He paused, looking over at me and frowned, his beautiful face contorting into a sad grimace. 

"Why did you resist me?"

I felt his hand reach out and stroke my cheek, and I had a hard time refusing the urge to lean into his gentle touch. 

"I want answers," I demanded.

"About what?"

"Oh, I don't know," I spat quietly, "Maybe for starters, you can explain what the hell is going on. I mean, you're here trying to...touch me, and you're my freaking step-father! I mean, you've banged my mother before!"

I slowly watched the corners of his lips twist upward, until he had a smirk plastered across his face. 

He leaned down, shrinking down to my petite height I highly despised, especially at times like these. 

"Mmmm, angel," he hissed against my ear, it doesn't mean that she was the one I thought about."

Mature rating. Don't read if you find it uncomfortable, etc.

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honeybabyluke honeybabyluke Jun 26, 2017
god damn it the other story was a surprise daddy luke story kms
YoitsyourgirlA YoitsyourgirlA Mar 13, 2017
the fact that i'm nearly 5'9 makes me uncomfortable in this comment section
-hyojeong -hyojeong Aug 02, 2016
I remember this book and I still have it in my library <3 I'm glad you asked me to read this book long ago !! :--)
troptriste troptriste Jan 18, 2017
Well having a daddy like that I can understand why you're struggling