It Always Gets Better |COMPLETED|

It Always Gets Better |COMPLETED|

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By foxybabee Completed

Jayden Roberts is a new student attending a new high school. He is half human half bunny and is constantly made fun of because of how weak his species is. He has never found love nor does he trust it. He's 16 years old and quite shy. He has only one friend named Sage who has been his friend since elementary school.

Aiden Wright is the alpha of his very small but powerful pack of 4. He is popular and kind hearted but can be very stern when he needs to be. Aiden has always been looking for his true love and believes one day, they will come around, it just may take a little bit of time before that happens.

What happens when Aiden and Jayden bump into each other during school? Will they fall in love or drift apart because of their strong differences? How will things turn out when Jayden learns he isn't what he thought he was?


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Finally, A man who doesn't think his wolf is in denial and doesn't try to act like He's not gay.
Aaaawwww yes手手夕 already ship it and i dont even know them!
wolfspirit123 wolfspirit123 Sep 13, 2017
Y am I the only one that whenever I read something like that I just think"but why tho" 
Yaoilover50001 Yaoilover50001 Jul 15, 2017
God I hate trigonometry. I had to take it in my freshman year along with geometry.
Animetrash1616 Animetrash1616 4 days ago
yes get a sword
                              name it kindness
                              then kill them with it
Oh its my first time reading a book which is using a bunny as mate