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Mister Badboy (On Hold)

Mister Badboy (On Hold)

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CrazyWeirdoKid By CrazyWeirdoKid Updated Sep 19, 2016

Alison Peige is your typical nerd that lives with books. She wears those typical nerdy glasses. She's got a slut of a sister whose name is Tricia, she makes her life a living hell everyday.

Now meet Ryder green a complete Badass.He's the school's certified Badboy. A certified hottie. A very rich young man . Girls fall for him and boys wants to be him. He's got a sister named Stacey who also happens to be Alison's BFF.

           What if fate decides to put this two together? Will something spark in between?

sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Nov 03, 2016
Am so ckumsy and kluts fr tho i sometime being a retard for no reason and that how i am fr tho but am smart tho i only be a retard afront of my crush lol
synnoveskeie synnoveskeie Nov 20, 2016
MY LITTLE SISTER AND LITTLE BROTHER DOES THIS TO ME EVERY MORNING OMFGG! They're twins so they always wake up before me and plan out something to do to me ughh
mermaidqueen1436 mermaidqueen1436 Dec 06, 2016
It would be great if she was played by .... I don't know taylor hill but them I was thinking Kendall jenner ....... Whatever it could he f*cking spongbob and I wouldn't care ...... Woah that would be a epic plot twist........  ...... Something's wrong with me
TrinityDanielle00 TrinityDanielle00 Dec 23, 2016
Got me twisted thinking I'm going to make somebody breakfast😂👅
SerenitySenju SerenitySenju Dec 20, 2016
Lol she has the same features as me. Brown hair, blue eyes and white skin.
mermaidqueen1436 mermaidqueen1436 Dec 06, 2016
I never knew there were this many people on wattpad who were twins ..... Dang I've always wanted a twin .... But know I got stuck with three younger siblings ,foster kids, and a emo cousin as my bestfriend ....